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[802SEC] +++++++++ P&P Ballot Resolution Telecom Notice +++++++++++++

Title: +++++++++ P&P Ballot Resolution Telecom Notice +++++++++++++

Dear EC members,

First I want to thank all the participants in our first P&P Ballot Resolution meeting.  I feel it was very successful, and hope to continue with this format instead of the Sunday evening format used in the past Accordingly I wish to make the following notice:

As approved at the Friday November 19, 2004 EC meeting I intend to conduct ballot resolution on P&P revision ballots by telecom.  No “in-person” ballot resolution meeting is planned for the Sunday before the next plenary.  So PLEASE participate in these telecoms. 

I currently intend to hold telecons at the following dates and times:

As required I am providing > 30 days notice for the telecom.  Ballot resolutions will be conducted on all pending LMSC P&P Revision ballots.  It is my hope that we will not need all 3 meetings to complete resolution on the ballots, but based on the time required in our first session, I feel I must assume 3 additional sessions for the 3 ballots we have not conducted any resolution on yet.  No other topics are on the agenda for this meeting. WG/TAG chairs, please distribute this meeting notice to your groups.  If you have comments to be resolved and cannot make the telecom, please arrange for someone else to be present to express any concerns you may have and participate in comment resolution.

The call in for the meeting will be:


PIN 6336344

Thanks & Regards,


Matthew Sherman, Ph.D.

Senior Member Technical Staff


Office: +1 973.633.6344


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