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Re: [802SEC] +++++++++ P&P Ballot Resolution Telecom Notice +++++++++++++

While I see value in Mike's proposal, I would prefer to use MS Messenger or
Netmeeting, rather than anything hosted through Yahoo ...

1) I don't want to have to install yet another IM client
2) I have heard reports of onerously prying cookies, etc.


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> Mat,
> while I have no objection to continuing to persue P&P
> resolution via teleconference I recognize the difficulty in
> scheduling around all of the participants schedules and I
> hope we can find a reasonable common time.
> I would personally like to see 1 major change to the methodology.
> When .17 has teleconference calls, we use Yahoo Messenger to
> create a text conference room for all participants. This
> allows the moderator or commenter to cut and paste their
> proposed text for all to see. We are able to achieve
> concensus on word smithing issues far quicker since people
> can actually read the proposed text.
> In the case of a poor bridge, IM also allows, a method for a
> participant to object or request the floor. Some bridges I've
> been on (with many participants) do not mix the signals well
> and tend to give the "loudest" speaker the floor, drowning
> out other voices.
> Yahoo Messenger is free, and most (but not all) corporations
> allow it to pass through their firewalls. All that is
> required is that the moderator have all of the participants
> on his contact list so that he/she can create the conference
> room and add people as they arrive.
> cheers,
> mike

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