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Re: [802SEC] +++ LMSC P&P Revision Ballot +++ WG Voting Rules

At 05:02 08/01/2005, Sherman, Matthew J. (US SSA) wrote:

Dear EC members,

Attached you will find the text for an LMSC P&P revision ballot on WG Voting Rules. This ballot was approved at the Friday November 19, 2004 EC meeting. The text is identical to that presented at the meeting.  The purpose and rationale for the ballot are as given in the attached ballot document.

Ballot Duration:  1/8/2005 - 2/8/2005 @ 11:59 PM EST

WG/TAG chairs, please distribute this P&P revision ballot to your groups, and invite them to comment through you.

Thanks & Regards,



The rationale for this ballot states that the changes address (among other things):

        Must the full WG membership be reflected in the denominator of electronic ballots
        Rules for gaining, losing, and maintaining membership

Neither of these issues are addressed in any aspect by the changes presented for ballot.

In particular, the section on gaining and losing voting membership is currently worse than it ever was (if that is possible!). For example:

 - First para of "Participation is defined as at least 75% presence at a meeting." So apparently, I can show up for 75% of one morning meeting during a session and I have achieved participation. Various other misapplications of session/meeting terminology there.

- " Retention Membership is retained by participating in at least two of the last four Plenary session meetings. One duly constituted interim Working Group or task group meeting may be substituted for one of the two Plenary meetings." Again, it seems as if I only have to show up at 2 meetings during one session to achieve retention.

- Loss: We seem to have lost the requirement to meet financial obligations (unless it has been moved elsewhere?).

- Widespread confusion between meeting and session in this section, with consequent ambiguity.

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