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Re: [802SEC] +++ LMSC P&P Revision Ballot +++ EC Voting Rules

At 05:48 07/02/2005, you wrote:

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, Iíve been really tied up at work the last couple of weeks, so I have not completed a summary of the comments / voting on this ballot.  I will do so by tonight.  But I want to remind everyone that this ballot does end Tuesday 2/9/05 at 11:59 PM EST.  If you have not voted, please do.



1) 7.1.7 "The LMSC Chair may suspend voting rights of an EC member with cause."

This is not acceptable. I would be slightly (but not much) less concerned if it was just those EC members that he appointed whose voting rights he/she could suspend, but definitely not in the case of EC members that represent a constituency.

The appropriate course of action to deal with any such situation would seem to be a vote of the EC, not unilateral action by the Chair. Similarly, the "recommendation" alluded to in would need to be the result of an EC vote.

2) "Maximum advance notice is encouraged for all ballots on urgent matters."

This is an interesting piece of nonsense. If the matter is urgent, then presumably there is no additional notice that could have been given. If there is "maximum" time available (maximum being the interval between EC meetings), then clearly the matter is not urgent. Strike the sentence or replace it with something that makes sense.

Actually the preceding sentence:

"The minimum duration of an electronic ballot shall be 10 days unless the matter is urgent and requires resolution in less time."

isn't much better; in other words, "The duration is 10 days except when its shorter" which says nothing at all, least of all who makes the decision on what the duration might be. Again, strike or replace with something more sensible, like (for example): "The Chair or Vice Chair determines the period of the ballot; this will normally be 10 days, but may be less under exceptional circumstances, such as the need to resolve an urgent matter."

We probably also need to encode the rule that we have already applied a number of times, namely, that if all voters have responded the ballot can close early. How about adding:

"Where the matter to be resolved is urgent, the Chair or Vice Chair may determine that the ballot has closed once all voting members of the EC have cast their vote. This option can only be used if  it was so stated at the start of the ballot."

The final sentence is clearly necessary, as in a normal ballot with a fixed closing date, voters have the option of changing their vote at any point up to the stated closing date.

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