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[802SEC] Proposed P&P Revision Ballot titled 'Miscellaneous Issues''

Title: Proposed P&P Revision Ballot titled 'Miscellaneous Issues''


This is it the final rules change.  It is a bit complex, so I will explain it in session.  It is intended to address a collection of miscellaneous issues that are largely editorial (but might not be considered such by everyone).  Again, the point is to set the scope of the change.  Any individual changes within it can be disapproved, or broken out as a separate change later.

The changes are encompassed in 2 documents.  The first document consists primarily of editorial instructions.  The second document contains explicit text changes suggested by SA that are incorporated by reference in the first document.

The two documents are attached below.  We can discuss things further during the meeting.


<<802.0-LMSC_Miscellaneous Issue-Part_2_P&P_Revision_ballot_r0.doc>> <<802.0-LMSC_Miscellaneous Issue-Part_1_P&P_Revision_ballot_r0.doc>>

Matthew Sherman, Ph.D.

Senior Member Technical Staff


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802.0-LMSC_Miscellaneous Issue-Part_2_P&P_Revision_ballot_r0.doc

802.0-LMSC_Miscellaneous Issue-Part_1_P&P_Revision_ballot_r0.doc