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[802SEC] Scalability requirement for initiating a ballot invitation under MyBallot

Bob, Tony,

You have hit the nail on the head with respect to how management of ballots
under MyBallot can be made scalable.

The 802 Chair delegates to the WG chairs the responsibilty to run and manage
ballots for all the projects in their Working Group.  The WG Chairs in turn
should have the ability to delegate to their TF/TG chairs the responsiblity
to run and manage a ballot for a specific project.



p.s. I have asked Christina Sahr to add all the 802 WG/TAG chairs as
designees.  She has done this.  She also says the WG/TAG chairs can set up
an alternate designee on a per project basis.  Bottom line: I think the
system can accomodate 802's needs, but it will take some fine tuning and
people (like myself) to get used to it.

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