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Re: [802SEC] Fwd: Re: Initiating a ballot invitation


As a designee I have the option to create alternate designees.  The text
from the manage designees page reads:

--start paste--

The Sponsor is responsible for conducting the IEEE Standards sponsor
ballot, according to IEEE-SA Standards Board procedures. The Sponsor,
however, may delegate balloting responsibility to a Working Group Chair
or other responsible party (a.k.a. "designee"). The Sponsor or designee
may also delegate a more limited set of responsibilities to a Working
Group Chair or other responsible party (a.k.a. "alternate designee").
Below is a list of designees and alternate designees who have been
assigned responsibility for your projects/standards. (You can sort the
list by clicking on the heading.) Designees have authority to start a
sponsor ballot invitation and ballot, upload draft documents, review and
respond to voter comments, and work with the IEEE-SA Staff on the
sponsor ballot process for that specific project/standard. Alternate
designees have the ability to monitor balloting progress.

Change an Existing Designee or Alternate Designee
If you would like change an existing designee or alternate designee:
    a) Choose "remove" in the actions column; then
    b) Follow the instructions to "Assign Designees".
The individual who has been removed will receive an email notification
of the change.

Assign a Designee and Alternate Designee
To enter a designee and alternate designee for a specific
project/standard, please choose "Assign Designees" and follow the

--end paste--

I find the definition of alternate designee basically useless.  I need
to be able to share the workload, not just allow folk to look at stuff.

From my perspective, Paul wants to designate all ballot management other
than approval of balance to me as WG Chair, in the event of my
unavability, I certainly want my Vice Chair to be a designee (which
David Law is).  It though also seems more pratical to allow the Chair
running one of my projects to handle comment resolution (a few of us
have too many projects and some projects may have parallel BRC groups).

With about 50 802 projects underway, that means that Paul would have to
add 50-100 designees (e.g., TF Chair and volunteer editor) if other WGs
work the same way as 802.3.

Chris, I'm not sure if there is a problem or not.  When I went to see if
I could appoint another designee (e.g., for P802.3an), I was offered the
ability to do both designee and alternate, but the sponsor pulldown was
C/802.3 802.3 Working Group, so it looks like I am still in the system
as the sponsor.  I don't find that Paul has been associated with
P802.3REV-am.  So I don't know if the special treatment done for getting
my beta test project has been fixed for future 802 work.


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Good point.


At 02:04 22/03/2005, John Lemon wrote:
>Would we not also want all the WG vice chairs to be able to initiate
>ballots too?
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>Subject: [802SEC] Fwd: Re: Initiating a ballot invitation
>Paul -
>See attached. If any of the WG chairs are to be in a position to
>use MyBallot, then you are going to have to set up the necessary
> >Envelope-to:
> >Reply-To:
> >Subject: Re: Initiating a ballot invitation
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> >
> >ReplyTo:
> >
> >
> >       From: Penny Stanton                 Date:
> > 03/18/2005
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >    Subject: Re: Initiating a           Send To: ANTHONY A
> >             ballot
> > invitation                   <>
> >
> >
> >                                             cc:
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >Mr. Jeffree:
> >
> >To initiate a ballot invitation, you need the link,  "Submit
> >Request."  If you do not see this link, it is because Mr. Nikolich
has not
> >assigned you as a "Designee" for this project -- when he assigns you,
> >will receive a confirmation email.  Then, when you log onto myBallot,
> >system will recognize you as a designee and will give you access to
> >Sponsor Control Panel containing the link, "Submit Invitation
> >
> >Also, note that when you are assigned as a Designee, you will be
> >with two control panels when you log on to myBallot -- a "sponsor
> >panel" and a "myBallot control panel."  Each control panel gives you
> >different views and contains access to different actions -- you
> >click on the link on one or the other on the control panel to toggle
> >between them.  When you are on the myBallot control panel, it is for
> >use as a balloter (say, for example, you wanted to join a balloting
> >and thus you won't have access to submitting an invitation request
> >balloters are not given that function.  To submit an invitation
> >which is a sponsor/designee function, ensure that you are on the
> >Control Panel to access the link for "Submit Invitation Request."
> >
> >Thank you.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >IEEE SA Balloting Center Staff
> >
> >==========ATTENTION myBallot is coming soon!=========================
> >The new IEEE-SA Balloting System is coming soon! Go to
> > for more information.
> >
> >Hi -
> >
> >As Chair of 802.1 I need to initiate a ballot invitation but I cannot
> >anywhere in MyBallot where I can do this. Can you tell me where to
> >please?
> >
> >Regards,
> >Tony
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