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Re: [802SEC] +++EC Email Ballot+++ENDS 29 MAR+++ motion to approve contributi...

Regarding the comments of Jerry and Mike:

*Both Jerry and Mike are opposed to the sentence that was added due
to a suggestion at the EC meeting ("Additionally, the IEEE 802.20
Working Group is developing mobile broadband wireless standards that,
upon their completion, may be submitted to Working Party 8A."). I
checked with Bob O'Hara, and he said that deleting the sentence will
resolve his comment that requested some editing of the insertion.
Given the sentiments expressed, I suggest that the sentence be

*I agree with Mike's point (2) and would propose to accommodate it by
changing "Draft IEEE Standard 802.16e-???? " to "IEEE Draft P802.16e".

*I agree with Mike's point (3) [raised by Jerry also] and would
propose to accommodate it by deleting "and regulatory". I consider
this an editorial change; the document already says that "it is not
intended to deal with... any regulatory issues".


At 17:14 -0500 2005-03-23, Mike Takefman wrote:
>Dear EC Members,
>I have reviewed the proposed liaison and some of the email
>traffic with regard to it.
>I am prepared to approve the letter with the following
>1) While I have sympathy for the addition wrt 802.20 that
>Joanne requested at the EC, I believe it may be inappropriate
>for the EC to add it as an editorial change. If the removal
>of this phrase is needed to get majority approval it
>should be removed.
>While it is obvious to me that 802.20 should want to be
>included in any such work, it is their responsability to
>bring forth such a letter. Should it be removed, I
>encourage Joanne to send such a liaison at the next 802.20
>session and I look forward to observing the result.
>2) The following is a nit, and I am prepared to
>follow the majority if its a no-op to them.
>802.17 had many communications with ITU-T SG 15 over
>the course of our development. We tended to refer to
>Draft P802.17 or Draft P802.17-DX.Y (whatever the current
>revision) rather then Draft 802.17-????. I believe
>it is more correct to refer to Draft 802.16e (or Draft
>802.16e.LocalDraftNamingConvention) as there will never be
>a Draft 802.16e-200X since the suffic is added once it is
>approved as a standard.
>3) I believe that the removal of "and regulatory" from
>the phrase "technical and regulatory experts" is appropriate
>unless Mr. Lynch can state that his group had reviewed
>and approved the liaison.
>4) As to the overlap of scope with 802.16e and 802.20 I
>was reminding by Gary Robinson at the 802-SAB joint meeting
>that the original reason for the existance of dot groups was
>overlap of scope on basic wired MACs and the inability of a
>single MAC to be selected in 802.
>So the fact that the projects have some overlap is nothing
>new to 802 and I don't see it as a reason to delay an
>ongoing liaison activity.
>Jerry1upton@AOL.COM wrote:
>>I vote disapprove.
>>I object to the additional of the below sentence in the revision of the
>>proposed letter. The sentence implies the support of the 802.20 Working
>>Group for this letter. The members of 802.20 had no opportunity to
>>review this letter at the Plenary. I ask that this sentence be removed
>>as an editorial revision. There were at least two requests from 802.20
>>members as observers at the EC meeting including the request for adding
>>this sentence and a request to remove the last paragraph of the letter.
>>However, without a review by all the 802.20 members I cannot support
>>this addition.
>>"Additionally, the IEEE 802.20 Working Group is developing mobile
>>broadband wireless standards that, upon their completion, may be
>>submitted to Working Party 8A. "
>>I also object to sending this letter that puts forward a recommendation
>>for a standard that is not finished and formally approved. Additionally,
>>the specification is not freely available to all the member states of
>>the ITU yet. Therefore, the letter should not be sent until the above
>>steps are complete.
>>The below phrase in the letter implies there was a cross Working Group
>>review of the content included in this letter. I saw no announcement of
>>such a review at the Plenary. It states it was prepared by regulatory
>>experts. Given Mike Lynch's second of the motion, it implies that 802.18
>>approved this letter. I do not believe 802.18 voted an approval of this
>>letter. However, I will defer to MIke for an answer on this point.
>>"The content herein was prepared by a group of technical and regulatory
>>experts in IEEE 802......"
>>Finally, the letter does again clearly point out the overlap that the
>>revised 802.16e PAR has created with the 802.20 Working Group scope and
>>Given the above points and my statements at the EC meeting, I vote
>>Jerry Upton
>>Chair, 802.20
>>In a message dated 3/19/2005 11:07:50 AM Central Standard Time,
>>paul.nikolich@ATT.NET writes:
>>     Dear EC Members,
>>     This is a email ballot to make a determination on the below motion.
>>     Motion: "To approve IEEE 802.16-05/028r2  with the intent to submit
>>     to ITU-R
>>     as an IEEE contribution, subject to editorial revision."
>>     Moved: Roger Marks
>>     Second: Mike Lynch
>>     The ballot opens noon ET Saturday 19 March 2005 and closes Tuesday
>>     29 March
>>     2005.
>>     Regards,
>>     --Paul Nikolich
>>     ----- Original Message -----
>>     From: "Roger B. Marks" <>
>>     To: <>
>>     Cc: <mjlynch@NORTELNETWORKS.COM>; <>
>>     Sent: Friday, March 18, 2005 6:40 PM
>>     Subject: request for 10-day EC ballot
>>      > Paul,
>>      >
>>      > I request a 10-day EC ballot on the following motion:
>>      >
>>      > "To approveas an intended contribution from
>>      > IEEE to ITU-R, subject to editorial revision".
>>      >
>>      > The document title is "Proposed Working Document towards a
>>      > Preliminary Draft New Recommendation ITU-R M.[8A/BWA]".
>>      >
>>      > This issue was deferred from a motion at the EC meeting today.
>>      >
>>      > Mr. Lynch seconds the motion.
>>      >
>>      > Regards,
>>      >
>>      > Roger
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