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[802SEC] Conditional submission of P802.3REVam to RevCom

P802.3REVam was submitted to RevCom for June consideration, and this message is in fulfillment of the requirements of LMSC P&P Clause 21 (formerly Procedure 10).  The conditions for leaving P802.3REVam on the RevCom agenda have been met.  Condition:
1.  The ballot announcement included the required statement of Condition 1. 
2.  The ballot period and schedule were consistent with the schedule presented to the EC.  The ballot closed successfully on 11 May 2005.  A comment resolution meeting was held on 16 May 2005 with all five comments were considered and responses were written and agreed to by the ballot resolution group.
3.  There were no new negative votes in the second recirculation ballot.  The approval percentage has risen from 85% in the initial ballot to more than 96% in the second recirculation.  
4.  No changes have been made to the draft as a result of this second recirculation ballot.  Three non-substantive editorial comments will be passed to the publication editor.  (Along with all previous comments agreed to be passed to the publications editor.)
5.  Two comments were marked as "must be satisfied".  One of these was an SCC 14 comment indicating satisfaction with our efforts in addressing their coordination comments from earlier ballots.  The second was from a previous negative balloter.
6.  The one invalid disapprove comment submitted on the draft was determined to be out of scope.  It was a essentially a restatement of the commenter's first recirculation ballot comment.  It repeated the commenter's dissatisfaction with the resolution of a large number of the commenter's initial D2.0 ballot comments.
7.  The ballot closed 11 May 2005 with the following results:


This ballot has met the 75% returned ballot requirement. 


69 eligible people in this ballot group. 


54 affirmative votes

2 negative votes with comments

0 negative votes without comments

2 abstention votes


58 votes received =   84 % returned

  3 % abstention




The 75% affirmation requirement is being met. 


54 affirmative votes

2 negative votes with comments


56 votes = 96% affirmative



Therefore all requirements for recirculation have been met and the project should remain on the June RevCom agenda.


Bob Grow
Chair, IEEE 802.3



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