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[802SEC] +++EC Email Ballot+++ENDS 5 MAY+++ conditional approval: IEEE P802.16-2004/Cor1 to Sponsor Ballot

Dear EC Members,

This is a email ballot to make a determination on the motion:

"To grant conditional approval to forward, for Sponsor Ballot, IEEE P802.16-2004/Cor1, a draft corrigendum to IEEE Std 802.16-2004."

Moved: Roger Marks
Second: Bob O'Hara

The ballot opens 25 May 2005 and closes
5 June 2005 at 11:59 pm ET.

Paul has asked me to conduct this ballot. Please reply to




I would like to make a motion for an electronic EC ballot to grant conditional approval to forward, for Sponsor Ballot, IEEE P802.16-2004/Cor1, a draft corrigendum to IEEE Std 802.16-2004. The conditional approval is requested under Clause 21 of the IEEE 802 P&P.

Bob O'Hara has agreed to second the motion.

The ballot schedule follows:
	WG Letter Ballot #17:  11 Feb - 13 Mar 2005
	WG Recirc Ballot #17a:  5 Apr - 22 Apr 2005
  	WG Recirc Ballot #17b: 23 May -  7 Jun 2005

The recirc ballot announcement:
includes the statement: "This ballot is being conducted under the procedure for conditional approval of the LMSC Policies and Procedures [IEEE PROJECT 802 LAN MAN STANDARDS COMMITTEE (LMSC) POLICIES AND PROCEDURES <>."

The current ballot status is:
	167 Approve
	  7 Disapprove
	  5 Abstain
	96% Approval Ratio (167/174)
	81% Return Ratio (179/220)
Details are at <>.

The remaining Technical Disapprove comments, and responses, are here:
The comments labeled "IEEE 802.16-05/015r3" in the upper right corner were submitted in the initial ballot and then recirculated. Those labeled "IEEE 802.16-05/021r3" were submitted during the first recirc and are currently being recirculated.

A relevant WG Motion of 5 May 2005 was approved by vote of 64-0 at the 802.16 WG interim: "To accept draft P802.16-2004/Cor1/D2 as modified by the comment resolutions (IEEE 802.16-05/021r2) and open a Working Group Confirmation Letter Ballot on that Draft (P802.16-2004/Cor1/D3), and to request conditional approval to the 802 EC to forward the draft to Sponsor Ballot."

I am requesting conditional approval now so that Sponsor Ballot can be concluded before the July Plenary.




Dr. Roger B. Marks  <> +1 303 497 7837      
National Institute of Standards and Technology/Boulder, CO, USA
Chair, IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access

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