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Re: [802SEC] Monday EC item


I recently got reminded of something in the IEEE-SA Operations Manual
that also applies in this situation.

5.3.13 Contracting

IEEE Standards meetings may require contracts for various services.
These services include but are not
limited to hotel services and meeting management services.

The IEEE Standards Sponsor committee or designee shall review all
contracts connected with running a
meeting. It is encouraged that these contracts be reviewed by IEEE
Conference Services prior to signing.
Contracts are subject to limitations as defined in IEEE Policy 12.6.

All meeting contracts shall be maintained in a readily accessible file
at the IEEE Standards Department for
audit purposes. It is the responsibility of the IEEE Standards Sponsor
chair or working group chair to send a
copy of the contract, when executed, to the IEEE Standards Department
promptly for retention within the

In signing a contract, competitive bidding procedures shall be used
whenever practical. If competitive
bidding is not practiced, the IEEE Standards Sponsor committee or
working group chair shall be prepared to
provide justification. 

I don't think our process is clear if the IEEE Conference Services
review would precede EC approval or comes after, but it is something to
consider, and the review is something I personally would want done
before giving unconditional approval for signing of a services contract.


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This agenda description may have to be altered as we have only recently
received the 3 proposals back from potential suppliers. In fact the item
is a joint 11/15 Chairs action. A  forth proposal is due Friday. At
point we are planning to present these to the Wireless Chairs as they
at our Joint Interims, and to made a determination as to which supplier
are to recommend for consideration by the 802 EC.  The next step is to
provide all documentation and all proposals with our recommendation for
approval to the EC in a timely manner, but with a consideration of time
for review in an orderly fashion by the EC members.
/ Stuart


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The following seems like a pretty major item

5.20 MI  Approve vendors for attendance, documentation, connectivity  -
Kerry   10   09:20 AM 

Do you have any material to be distributed in advance on this?
I do not recall having seen any.


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