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Re: [802SEC] BPL Project

I'm looking at the rules and I don't see a clear substantiation of Steve Mills's position.


6.1 of the SA operating manual says: 

An entity can be any for-profit or not-for-profit enterprise, as defined in IEEE Bylaw I-403. Controlled groups of enterprises shall be entitled to a single membership in IEEE-SA except as otherwise provided for by the IEEE-SA BOG.


It isn't clear to me that one can classify IEEE 802 as part of a "controlled group of enterprises". Our board members come from companies but so do the board members of many other entities and I don't think one can say that the IEEE 802 board opinions are dictated by the IEEE SA or SB boards the way that might hold for a corporation and its subsidiary. Balloting group made of entities of the SB operating manual includes in its list of those who qualify as entities:

Consortia, vendor-specific user groups, professional societies, and other standards-developing organizations: The principal and alternate representatives for these types of entities may be employed by other entities that have voting membership in the ballot group.


That seems to include us and it lacks the text about "does not report to another controlling body" that is in the corporate entity definition. "Professional society" would appear to include entities like the Computer Society or Communications Society even though they report to the IEEE board so I don't see why IEEE 802 is left out of "other standards-developing organizations."





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From: Shellhammer, Steve [mailto:sshellha@QUALCOMM.COM] 
Sent: Friday, 22 July, 2005 2:55 PM
Subject: [802SEC] BPL Project


802 EC,




            Paul asked me to look into the possibility of 802 joining

the broadband over power-line (BPL) sponsor ballot as an entity.  This

item is in the Information Items on today's agenda.  Attached is a

summary of the report which can be placed in the minutes.












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