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[802SEC] Coping with agenda time limits - hotels and things.

We will probably find our EC meeting time available at plenaries to be a tight squeeze. However, our attempts to do teleconferences on specific topics (e.g. meetings and rules) have not been successful at getting critical mass attendance. EC topic meetings Sunday evening and during the week also find this a challenge.

We can have the topic meetings but there is a large chance of getting to the EC meeting and finding out those who didn't attend disagree.

I think there are two viable options:
What we are doing right now - spill over the leftovers to email discussion and vote where at least we are getting good participation even if we sometimes get a little testy with each other and sometimes have to grope around on how to handle equivalents of the parliamentary procedures we would do during a meeting. 

All agree to a fixed time and day before the meeting when we would have regular "virtual" EC meeting over phone and meeting software (e.g. MeetingPlace) with a similar commitment to showing up to be part of the quorum as we have during the opening and closing EC meetings. I expect Tony will point out that this would be difficult to schedule conveniently for EC members outside North American time zones. Also openness issues would have to be addressed and we would need a rules change to do this. 

I think the first tool is adequate for most of what we have and we are still learning to use it well. I suggest sticking with email for now.

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