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Re: [802SEC] List of Projects requiring a CA document



A web page has been added to the 802.19 web site giving the list of
projects requiring a CA document.


Some of these are a little early to say how much will be involved in the
CA documents.  For example, Stuart is having the 11s engineers look into
what low-MAC changes will occur in 11s that could impact coexistence.
Also, the CBP SG is just a study group at this time.


            Here is the link to the web page which we will try to keep
up to date.






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Subject: List of Projects requiring a CA document




            In response to your question on Sunday regarding which 802
wireless projects are required to produce a CA document I worked with my
802.11 liaison (Sheung Li) and my 802.15 liaison (Tom Siep) and put
together a list of which current projects would require a CA document.
I have copied the EC and the 802.19 voter list on this email and am
willing to hear discussion on any of this list.





List of projects requiring a CA document



High throughput PHY/MAC


Mesh Networking

802.11 CBP SG

Contention-based protocol (CBP) study group


UWB PHY for 802.15.3


Millimeter wave PHY for 802.15.3


UWB PHY for 802.15.4


New PHY for 802.15.4


Mesh Networking




Wireless Regional Area Networking (WRAN)



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