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Re: [802SEC] 802.18 Comments IC Spectrum Framework Consultation


As far as I know the situation vis-a-vis the TV bands in Canada is not
the same as the U.S. 

Something like 90% of the Canadian population lives within 100 Km of the
U.S. border. I have been told that no single market has more than 4
broadcast channels. 

What I also understand has happened is that in Canada the unused
channels have, in many areas, been used for other purposes, e.g.
point-to-point links, etc. The 746 - 806 MHz band which has been
identified as available for 3G technologies and public safety is still
years off from being re-allocated - until after Canada finishes their
DTV transition. That transition will not happen until after the one in
the U.S.

Having said all that there probably are areas of Canada where some of
the channels could be used. However no one present when we wrote the
response, including Canadian residents and an IC employee, knew of any
plan to use TV bands for unlicensed devices.

I hope this long winded answer helps.



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	I have a question about the letter to Industry Canada.

	In the letter the IEEE does not have a comment on question 6

"Should the Department consider existing or new license-exempt bands
with a view to facilitating longer communications ranges for
license-free devices or system applications unique to the Canadian
environment, such as rural and remote broadband fixed wireless access?"

	Is Canada planning to allow operation in unused TV bands like
the new ruling in the US?  Should we encourage them to follow the US?


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Subject: [802SEC] 802.18 Comments IC Spectrum Framework Consultation


Enclosed is a document originated in 802.18 that provides comments to
Industry Canada on their Consultation on a Renewed Spectrum Policy
Framework for Canada and Continued Advancements in Spectrum Management.
The RR-TAG has made a motion that it be presented to the EC on Friday.
The motion will call for the RR-TAG chair to be able to make format
changes and editorials, which will include the necessary cover letter
for transmittal to Industry Canada.

Please review and share with your groups as appropriate.



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