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Re: [802SEC] [802-18] +++802.18 email ballot on a response to the European Commission's 2.6 GHz consultation+++

Approve.  (and recommend that the Wireless WG and TAG Chairs who have voting
rights in .18 promptly do likewise)
Note to Mike:  I saw an e-mail from Stuart on the 802.11 reflector
indicating that he was going to be on vacation for an extended period - but
don't recall when that started - so it's possible that he may not get your
message and cast a vote.  My recommendation would be that if ALL .18 voters
EXCEPT Stuart have responded and the outcome is clear, that you close the
ballot and declare the result.
Note to the EC members: I would also then recommend that the EC agree, by
responding to this message, that, if the result of .18's electronic ballot
is at least 75% approval by the .18 voters AND the document has not changed
since it was intially submitted for the 5 day EC review, that the EC allow
Mike to send the document off.  (Unless the document has been changed, the
EC will have had more than the required 5 days to review it, so I don't
think it should be necessary to "start the clock over" in this case.)
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From: Michael Lynch [mailto:mjlynch@NORTEL.COM] 
Sent: Sunday, September 25, 2005 10:26 AM
Subject: [802-18] +++802.18 email ballot on a response to the European
Commission's 2.6 GHz consultation+++

IEEE 802.18 voters 

The interim meeting of the RR-TAG in Geneva developed the enclosed response
to the European Commission's (EC) invitation for comments on the 2.6 GHz
frequency band. In their invitation the EC states "The Commission would be
interested to collect views from Member States and constituencies regarding
the impact of a Commission Decision that clearly opens the 2.6 GHz band for
IMT-2000 and other compatible technologies."

The purpose of this ballot is to approve the document drafted at the interim
meeting and the subsequent transmittal to the European Commission. While the
deadline for submissions was 15 September it was felt that the RR-TAG
response will be accepted. It should be noted that the EC has continued to
accept contributions from both Member States and others.

The ballot closes the sooner of 4 October 2005 or 24 hours after all 802.18
voters cast a ballot.



+1 972 814 4901

<<18-05-0033-r0-0000-EC_2.6GHz_Band_Consultation Response.doc>> 

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