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Re: [802SEC] Comment resolution on LMSC P&P ballot titled 'LMSCOrganization'


Are there any objections to Roger's comments?  I have none, and will
implement them in an updated resolution next week if I have heard no



Matthew Sherman, Ph.D.
Senior Member Technical Staff
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From: Roger B. Marks [] 
Sent: Monday, October 17, 2005 1:48 AM
To: Sherman, Matthew J. (US SSA)
Subject: Re: [802SEC] Comment resolution on LMSC P&P ballot titled


I'm finding the color-coding tough to decipher. 
So, please tell me if this version would 
introduce this line:

"When appropriate, a new working group is formed 
following approval of a PAR by the IEEE-SA 
Standards Board."

I think that this language would waste an 
opportunity to clarify the text. The P&P has 
always been ambiguous on this issue, and I think 
this language still is. Does it mean that a new 
WG is effective immediately upon the PAR 
approval? Or does it mean that the EC can form a 
new WG after the PAR is approved?

I think it should mean the former. The name of 
the WG is an element of the PAR. If the SASB 
approves a PAR that was forwarded by 802 and that 
includes the name of a WG that had not previously 
existed, then I think the WG should come into 
existence immediately. There is no point to defer 
the decision, because the EC already made the 
decision when it forwarded the PAR.

So, I would suggest this language: "If the 
IEEE-SA Standards Board approves a PAR, forwarded 
by the LMSC, that assigns the work to a new LMSC 
Working Group, that Working Group shall 
immediately come into existence."

Another comment: "A study group may meet for up 
to two plenary cycles, at which point a PAR is 
expected to be submitted to the EC for 
consideration." should be moved to the section on 
Study Groups. A SG reading the P&P could easily 
miss this instruction entirely if it sits under 


At 21:44 -0400 2005-10-16, Sherman, Matthew J. (US SSA) wrote:
>We had a very low turnout on Tuesday (Thanks Pat and Steve!).  However
>we reviewed the 'LMSC Organization' and sub-ballot titled 'when
>appropriate'.  We decided to slightly modify the first line of 'LMSC
>Organization" with 'When appropriate' and eliminate the sub ballot.  We
>reviewed the entire document, and did not see any other issues.  Please
>review the LMSC Organization ballot.  It is identical to what we had in
>July except for the one change mentioned.  I assume if I hear nothing
>back in the next week or so that you will all support it in November!
>PS - I will review all the changes in light of the updated P&P and do
>editorial updates to the P&P ballots to reflect those changes prior to
>the Plenary.
>Matthew Sherman, Ph.D.
>Senior Member Technical Staff
>Office: +1 973.633.6344
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