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Re: [802SEC] WG and TAG opening plenary meeting presentations

At 14:53 07/11/2005, Mike Takefman (tak) wrote:
>Does it makes sense to have a special area on
>the 802 website where all groups place an introductory
>slide set that includes the set of information
>needed to:
>1) Introduce the WG management team
>2) Explain the mandate of the WG
>3) List current projects and SGs and timelines
>4) List the WG agenda / room allocation for the
>    week
>5) Highlight anything else that the WG would like
>    an 802 participant from a different WG to be
>    aware of.
>This could reduce the amount of time WG chairs spent
>in from of the 802 membership at the opening and
>get us back on time.

Mike -

Sounds like a plan to me. I suspect that if we did this we could 
comfortably dispense with the opening Plenary altogether - it has seemed to 
me for some while that it is represents a major triumph of form over content.


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