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Re: [802SEC] WG and TAG opening plenary meeting presentations


While I thought of a Sunday night EC as an option when I originally
suggested it was the EC that needed to adjust, another to me less
undesirable option also occurred, to start the EC meeting earlier on
Monday morning.  (I suggest this even though I am not a morning person.)

When I first came to 802 many years ago, it seemed like I was hearing
everything mulitiple times.  Hear what we are going to do this week in
the 802 plenary, in the WG plenary and perhaps again at the opening of a
WG subgroup meeting.  Then a similar repetition at the end.  While the
complexity and interrelationship between WGs has ebbed and flowed over
the decades, and I think from my viewpoint we have reduced the
repetition within the meeting week, we still have a lot of repetition
from plenary to plenary. 

While thinking about moving the opening EC meeting, I went to see what
in the rules would have to change if we again alter the meeting week
schedule.  All we have now about the opening pleanary meeeting is:

"The main object of the Opening Plenary meeting will be to welcome new
attendees and to inform the 802 membership about what is being done in
the Working Groups and Executive Committee Study Groups. This report
must include background on the relationship of the work to other Groups.
It should not be a detailed statement about Standards Numbers and

I note this doesn't include WG organization, WG officers, how many
meetings we have held over our history, where to find our web page, join
reflectors or any other of that kind of stuff most of us do to some
degree.  I carry boilerplate slides from meeting to meeting and
rationalize that I go through them in less than a minute, but certainly
could do better on covering simply what we are doing and how it relates
to other WGs.

We might find the desired time for some Q&A if we reduced the meeting to
meeting boilerplate stuff.  Perhaps we should consider learning and
adapting from IETF on how they orient new members.

--Bob Grow

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Sent: Monday, November 07, 2005 9:40 AM
Subject: Re: [802SEC] WG and TAG opening plenary meeting presentations

At 14:53 07/11/2005, Mike Takefman (tak) wrote:
>Does it makes sense to have a special area on
>the 802 website where all groups place an introductory
>slide set that includes the set of information
>needed to:
>1) Introduce the WG management team
>2) Explain the mandate of the WG
>3) List current projects and SGs and timelines
>4) List the WG agenda / room allocation for the
>    week
>5) Highlight anything else that the WG would like
>    an 802 participant from a different WG to be
>    aware of.
>This could reduce the amount of time WG chairs spent
>in from of the 802 membership at the opening and
>get us back on time.

Mike -

Sounds like a plan to me. I suspect that if we did this we could 
comfortably dispense with the opening Plenary altogether - it has seemed
me for some while that it is represents a major triumph of form over


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