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[802SEC] network status update

Dear EC members,

Please see the attached status update from Steven Schroedl on the network issues we've been having.  Please forward this to your WG members if possible.


--Paul Nikolich

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From: Steven Schroedl 
To: Paul Nikolich 
Sent: Wednesday, November 16, 2005 10:00 AM
Subject: Re: status update--please send me a few bullets on the network status


Here is a status update on the wireless network issues we have experienced for 11/15/05.

Wireless link between hotels: By Tuesday early morning we had replaced the IEEE wireless bridge that did not have enough throughput with a 18 Mb link.  This replacement worked very well most of the day, however it ran on unlicensed frequency and did experience link failure a few times due to localized RF interference.  We were able to secure a rental 155Mb FSO (free space optical) link that has been installed and was used with excellent results at last nights large meeting of 802.1 at the Fairmont.  The quality of this new link will provide comparable HSIA to the attending IEEE 802 members at the Fairmont for the rest of the week.

Nortel hardware (deployed at the Fairmont): At 10:30AM on Tuesday the Nortel hardware failed.  We called Nortel to facilitate a complete rebuilding of the wireless LAN controller configuration.  During the reconfiguration period we deployed additional Cisco hardware that was available to make sure members had a network to use during the rebuild.

Multi local DHCP servers and ad-hoc detections: We have also have been working to detect and remove multiple ad-hoc networks and interfering non-IEEE wireless DHCP servers.

We intend to maintain a strong presence at the Fairmont and will proactively confirm that the quality of the network is maintained for the rest of week. Please ask any of the chairs to seek us out for further follow-up and to answer any questions or help resolve issues as they may arise.

Thank you for your patience and support.

Steven Schroedl
Chief Technology Officer

VeriLAN, Inc.
215 SE Morrison Street Suite 2000F
Portland, OR 97214

Tel: 503 224-8822
Fax: 503 224-8833
Cell: 503 869-0276

On Nov 16, 2005, at 6:16 AM, Paul Nikolich wrote:

  Steven, Rick,

  Please send me a few bullets on the status of the network that I can send to the EC members this morning before 8AM if possible.



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