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[802SEC] Network Status Update

Dear IEEE 802 Executive Committee,

Per Paul's request I am providing you with an update on our efforts to
address the network issues we have experienced at IEEE 802 meetings over the
course of the past year. As reported at the closing EC meeting in Atlanta,
there are four primary areas of concern. Here is a summary of the status of
those four issues.

*ISSUE 1:* Failing IEEE 802 rack servers.
*STATUS: *IEEE 802 purchased three new rack servers, which replaced the two
failing network servers (Newton & Griffin) and allowed us to provision a
dedicated application server named Murphy. Murphy is currently hosting the
IEEE IMAT Attendance software. All three servers have been configured,
tested and are functioning properly.
*RECOMMENDATION:* Based upon requests from IEEE developers to have access to
the attendance server (Murphy) while it is in transit to and from venues and
in between sessions, there is a need for IEEE to have redundant servers
racked and hosted at the VeriLAN office and rsync'ed to the production
machines when they arrive at meeting venues.
ISSUE 2: *Failing IEEE 802 meeting room network switches.
*STATUS:* IEEE 802 purchased 12 new 8-port managed PoE switches, which were
successfully deployed and first used at an IEEE 802 interim meeting in
January 2008. The new switches met all of our needs and expectations.
*RECOMMENDATION: *Purchase eight additional 8-port managed PoE switches, to
replace the remaining old switches in the IEEE 802 inventory.

*ISSUE 3:* In 2007, IEEE 802 experienced global network outages and
slowdowns during plenary meetings held in San Francisco and Atlanta. The
outages were caused by failing IDF/MDF switching equipment owned and managed
by the local venue or ISP.
*STATUS:* We are actively developing proposals to address this issue for
future meetings. We are planning to present a proposal to the IEEE 802 EC in
Orlando outlining a viable path forward to mitigate this ongoing risk.
*RECOMMENDATION:* Adopt a network deployment model similar to the model used
by groups such as IETF or ICANN, which requires the replacement of all venue
LAN switching equipment with hardware installed and managed by VeriLAN.

*ISSUE 4: *High speed Internet access requirements and costs for IEEE 802
plenary meetings continues to grow. The proliferation of web based document
management systems, including the relatively new IEEE Mentor Document
Management System, have caused a significant (almost 2X) increase in
bandwidth consumption at IEEE meetings.
*STATUS:*  Current usage and demand for bandwidth is often exceeding
available resources during peak periods at IEEE 802 plenary meetings.
*RECOMMENDATION: *Adopt a hosting and sponsorship model similar to the model
used by groups such as IETF or ICANN, which allow for the solicitation of
high speed Internet connectivity from large local ISPs in exchange for
promotional considerations.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you
in Orlando.

Best regards,

*Rick Alfvin
VP Business Development

VeriLAN Event Services, Inc.
215 SE Morrison Street Suite 7000
Portland, OR 97214

503 907-1419 [voice]
503 961-7189 [fax]
503 415-1681 [cell]*

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