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Re: [802SEC] Opening Plenary Meeting Changes and New Member Introduction Meeting reminder


Buzz is right that we should get people's opinions, 
but I'd prefer to give it a go and make the change.
Then ask if it was a bad idea, rather then try to get 
agreement on how to change it (we never would).

No offense to any of my fellow chairs, but the information
that is normally given during the opening plenary is 
easily digestable via slideware and doesn't require 
all of us (and them) sitting through (approximately) the
same speech 11 times.

If we:

1) Announce to the 802 world that this is what is going
to happen.

2) Have the information on the website no later then
Tuesday Feb 28th. Abuse the chairs that don't
meet the deadline of getting information to Bob (by
Monday Feb 27th noon or choose a time) so he can get 
it onto the site by the 28th. Public flogging at the
opening plenary might be amusing for the membership

3) As part of the Q/A take a poll (show of hands)
on who likes the new system and who doesn't
like it (I bet a whole bunch of people don't
even raise their hands to either). 

4) Ask for comments on ways to improve
the opening plenary as part of the Q/A




Michael Takefman    
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> From: Rigsbee, Everett O [mailto:everett.o.rigsbee@BOEING.COM] 
> Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2006 4:55 PM
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> Subject: Re: [802SEC] Opening Plenary Meeting Changes and New 
> Member Introduction Meeting reminder
> Paul,  I can appreciate your intention to make our opening 
> plenary more "meaningful."  But I am concerned that there 
> will be a lot of folks who come to the opening expecting to 
> hear what will happen in each Working Group (because we've 
> always done it that way) so they can decide where they want 
> to spend their time that week.  I also think we should not 
> make this large a change without asking our attendees if this 
> is an improvement that they want or not.  So I suggest that 
> you take 5 minutes to propose your plan to the full group, 
> then let the WG's collect feedback on the notion, and the SEC 
> can make a decision on Friday for GO/NOGO on Plan B to be 
> effective for our July Session.  I see no reason to rush into 
> making such a big change without at least first testing the 
> sentiments of our attendees on the Plan.  
> We do have a tutorial slot open so you could even do this 
> exact agenda there for people to experience and then be able 
> to decide for themselves, which is a better program for 
> Opening Plenaries.  
> Thanx,  Buzz
> Dr. Everett O. (Buzz) Rigsbee
> Boeing IT - SSG
> PO Box 3707, M/S: 7M-FM
> Seattle, WA  98124-2207
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> From: Paul Nikolich [mailto:paul.nikolich@ATT.NET]
> Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2006 8:12 AM
> To:
> Subject: [802SEC] Opening Plenary Meeting Changes and New 
> Member Introduction Meeting reminder
> Dear EC members,
> I will organize and run the opening plenary meeting 
> differently in March than we have had in the past.  
> I will not have each WG/TAG chair present their status update 
> slides. Rather, you must send them to me and Bob O'Hara 1 
> week prior to the opening plenary meeting (27 Feb), whereupon 
> Bob will put your slide decks on the website for participants 
> to review.
> My goal is to make the opening plenary meeting more 
> informative and interactive.  The meeting will be organized 
> as follows: 
> - opening remarks (by me and EC members as appropriate) 15min, 
> - Q&A with entire EC 15min, 
> - presentation by someone from Staff or EC on a specific 
> topic (this time by Michael Lindsay) 15min,
> - Q&A on the presentation 15min,
> - closing remarks 1min.
> I would like you to send me any major items you believe are 
> deserve special mention during the opening remarks.
> A more detailed draft agenda I have in my mind at the moment 
> follows.  Suggestions on improvements are welcome.
> 1) Opening Remarks: 15 minutes
> The ususual boilerplate stuff--Financial Report, Patent 
> Policy, Membership Policy, general announcements (election 
> notice, tutorials, new 
> PARs, any major items EC members would like me to highlight, 
> etc.) (Nikolich, Sherman, Thaler, Rigsbee, Hawkins, O'Hara)
> 2) Q&A with EC members (Nikolich moderates): 15 minutes
> 3) presentation: 15 minutes
> Michael Linday (SA attorney) The dos and don'ts of IEEE SA 
> 802 Standards Development
> a)  imperative priniciples: due process, openeness, 
> consensus, balance, right of appeal
> b) code of ethics: safety, avoid conflict of interest, 
> honesty, reject bribery, technical focus by qualified 
> experts, be open to and provide honest 
> criticism, fair treament for all, avoid injuring others 
> reputations, assist colleagues in professional development
> c) intellectual property: essential IP and LOA; copyright 
> policy, trademark useage
> d) idemnification policy
> 4) Q&A based on presentation: 14 minutes (Nikolich moderates) 
> I will also announce the location/time for further discussion 
> on this topic if there is sufficient interest.  If we have an 
> empty tutorial slot we'll put it there.
> 5) Closing remarks, notices: 1 minute. (Nikolich)
> Hopefully this will make for a much more valuable utilization 
> of the time we get to address the entire 802 assembly in one room.
> Also, please remember that Pat Thaler is organizing a 'new 
> member introduction' meeting to be held Monday 
> morning--please let your groups know about this new feature.  
> Pat--please send a note to the EC reflector with the topics 
> you plan to have covered during this meeting.  Pat will have 
> a Vice Chair present (David Law has volunteered this time) 
> and it will be good to have a representative from each WG/TAG 
> present to help field questions specific to that group--so 
> please ask your group if a knowledgable member would be 
> willing and available to participate in this meeting.
> Regards,
> --Paul
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