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Re: [802SEC] +++URGEN*T EC Email Ballot approve expenditure of $68.7k to upgrade the network+++


I have indeed reviewed the proposal submitted by Buzz. I understood its
content and context. I did not, however, agree to second the motion, and
doing so puts me in an awkward position with the folks who generously
send me a paycheck on alternating Fridays.

Therefore, I must ask that my name be removed from the motion as
seconder, and I wish to recuse myself from this matter. This should not
be construed as opposition, but I feel I must recuse myself based on the
implicit vendor selection in the motion. 

As your Treasurer I can say a few things that might help in your

1. Thanks in large part to the increased fees for our plenary sessions,
IEEE 802 does have the funds for this expenditure.
2. Based on what I've been informed by Buzz and VeriLan, I believe due
diligence was carried out to secure reasonable terms for this proposal.
I am told alternatives were considered. The assessment of required
functionality, and evaluation of risks for various alternatives, was
conducted by VeriLan and their recommendation is captured in the motion
before you today. 
3. It was my belief that sales taxes would not be a issue since we were
using VeriLan as our agent for this transaction and that they are based
in a state that does not collect such taxes.

I apologize to the Chair, to Buzz and to the group if my initial
indication that I understood the proposal implied I was willing to
second it.


-- snip snip 

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