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[802SEC] 802.18 Proposed Revision of Recommendation ITU-R M.1450


At the January wireless interim IEEE 802.18 completed and approved a
revision of ITU-R Recommendation M.1450. This recommendation was key to
WRC-2003 approving the use of the 5 GHz band by RLANS. Included among
the standards listed are 802.11a, b and g. This document that the RR-TAG
is presenting to you here is not meant to be the final version of a
revised M.1450 but to start the work in ITU-R.

The September 2005 RR-TAG interim was held at the ITU facilities in
Geneva and overlapped the most recent meeting of ITU-R WP8A. During
discussions at the WP8A meeting it was decided that the RR-TAG would
submit a proposed revision to M.1450 to WP8A's next meeting which begins
on 21 March 2006. Links to that proposed revision are provided here. The
first link is to a "clean" copy while the second link is to a copy that
shows the changes made.

The current M.1450 has a lot of tutorial text (e.g. what is OFDM, what
is a RLAN) and is not seen as being well formatted. Most of the tutorial
was removed and the acronym table greatly reduced. There is minimalist
definition of an RLAN.

The RR-TAG began work on the revision of M.1450 began at our November
meeting with a creation of a table based on suggested elements from
another input to the September WP8A meeting. That input had nothing to
do with M.1450 but described elements that would assist in doing sharing
studies such as were done prior to WRC-2003.

There is much yet to be done including having ETSI add material about
Hiperlan. I expect that the March meeting of WP8A may do further edits
and will liaison the proposed revision to SDOs for review and their
inputs. That means that we will see this document again and have a
further opportunity to input to the revision. The SDO inputs will then
be incorporated at WP8A's September meeting in Geneva.

The reason for circulating this to you now is that I would like to see
if this can be approved at the EC's opening plenary on 6 March. It needs
to be received by the ITU-R not later than 14 March and approval at
Monday's meeting allows for more time for me to make any editorials and
submit it to ITU-R.

Glad to discuss.



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