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Re: [802SEC] +++urgent ***NEW*** EC Email Ballot approve expenditure of 68.7k to upgrade the network+++ tentative results

In the way of follow-up to this thread...

I have today conversed with the IEEE Director of Tax Compliance (David
Galicky)who confirms that this purchase is properly considered tax free.
He agreed that having the equipment purchased and shipped to Oregon
makes this the case. Moreover, he reasons that IEEE itself as a
non-profit qualifies to be sales-tax exempt in Oregon and New York (as
well as several other states).

There was another question about shipping charges: Shipping expenses for
original delivery of the equipment to VeriLAN is not included in the BOM
(as far as I can tell, Buzz correct me if I'm wrong). My estimate for
such is on the order of $3,000 using FedEx (needed to make deadlines
necessary for Denver). Our regular meeting budget allocates $3,100 for
shipping to Denver.

Hopefully that answers those two questions.


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