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Re: [802SEC] IEEE 802.3 comments on P802.1AS

At 02:03 08/03/2006, you wrote:
>We held an 802.3 ad hoc meeting to discuss the AV Bridging PAR and provide 
>the following comments to 802.1.  I will forward other comments (if any) 
>from individuals separately.
>1.  The PAR describes the scope expected and promised in early work in 
>this area.  The five criteria on the other hand appear to narrow the 
>project scope to only "full duplex Ethernet or similar links".  Are there 
>any other MAC WGs that provide such links than 802.3?  The PAR and 
>criteria should agree on the scope and application of the intended 
>standard.  If the project is only intended to address 802.3 links, the PAR 
>should say that.
>2.  The PAR form is not complete.  Item 16 is not dated.  Item 17 should 
>reference related projects in the digital home area (e.g., UpNP).  Item 
>20b is not answered.
>We look forward to your response.
>Bob Grow
>Chair, IEEE 802.3

Bob -

Many thanks for your comments.

Item 16 is now dated.

In Item 17, we refer to IEEE 1588. There are no other projects of similar 

Item 20b is now answered.

In the PAR Scope we have clarified that this mechanism relates to networks 
"...composed of LAN media where the transmission delays are fixed and 
symmetrical; for example, IEEE 802.3 full duplex links", and have removed 
the conflicting wording from the 5C, where it was superfluous.

There are a small number of other minor typographical changes.

The revised draft PAR and 5C can be found here:


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