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[802SEC] Mat's motions and documents for Closing EC meeting



Attached please find my documents and motions for the closing EC
meeting.  My four agenda items are:


MI         Motion to adopt P&P revision titled 'WG Plenary'
5 minutes

MI         Motion to adopt P&P revision titled 'Editorial'
5 minutes

MI         Motion to ballot P&P revision titled 'Document Numbers'
5 minutes

MI         Motion to ballot P&P revision titled 'Editorial 2'
5 minutes


Here is the summary status on each item:


WG Plenary:      Has not changed since Sunday.  No additional comments
received.  Should be good to go.

Editorial:           Don't feel my more 'extensive' comments were fully
resolved.  Will reballot the more extensive comments in 'Editorial 2'

                        Text being adopted is identical to the text
originally balloted in January (without my comments)

                                    I don't recall any objections to
that text - only to my more extensive comments

Doc Num:         New ballot deleting section on document numbers

Editorial 2:        New ballot on my more 'extensive' comments from the
first editorial ballot plus a couple of extras

                        Note that I do not try and address the WG/TAG vs
WG vs WG or TAG etc.   I'll tackle that after I get this other stuff

                                    Hopefully since we are just seeking
approval to ballot you won't give Pat a hard time on this

                                    You can always decide not to accept
the changes at the next LMSC session.



Hope you have a good closing meeting.


I will be available by cell till about 2 PM Denver time, after which I
will be unavailable the rest of the day.


Thanks (especially to Pat),








Matthew Sherman, Ph.D. 
Senior Member Technical Staff 
Office: +1 973.633.6344 



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