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[802SEC] "Get IEEE 802" comments


Every time we discuss the Get IEEE 802 budget, it gets me to thinking 
about the program itself, and how it might be improved, or even 

So, I have the following comments:

*The "Get IEEE 802 Program Agreement" says "Documents subject to the 
wait period will be listed on the website with a link to a site where 
the documents may be purchased." However, I don't see such links at 
the site:
In fact, I don't ever recall seeing such links, even though I've 
brought up this issue a few times over the years. There is a pointer 
to the IEEE Store, but that's not the same thing; the Store is an 
easy place to get lost, and it does not include a list of available 
802 documents.

*Are sales of drafts included in the Get IEEE 802 budget? I think 
IEEE could do a better job of promoting them for sale. It's nice that 
the web page has two links to the draft sale page. Unfortunately, 
both of those links are dead, because they point to ILI. ILI has not 
been offering 802 drafts since November 1.

*As usual, we discussed the statistical profiles of the downloaders 
when we met last week. However, I suspect that this data may be out 
of date. I say this because, when I went to download standards today, 
I did not receive the survey form. [Neither did I receive a "Terms 
and Conditions" page to accept.] I found the same results on two 
different browsers.

Before we next meet to talk about the program budget, can you see if 
IEEE can review the web site?


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