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Re: [802SEC] "Get IEEE 802" comments


The $25 cost is the processing fee for the credit
card for the $5 down load. 


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From: Carl R. Stevenson [mailto:wk3c@WK3C.COM] 
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2006 3:58 AM
Subject: Re: [802SEC] "Get IEEE 802" comments

I don't think it's acceptable to increase our participants' cost for
supporting the program beyond where it is now.

As I tried to discuss, but there wasn't time during the Friday EC
meeting in Denver, I just can't understand how it "costs" $25 to fulfill
a .pdf download. (I may have misunderstood, but my understanding was
that was the reason stated as to why a nominal (say $5) charge per
download from Get 802 "wasn't a viable option" to further support the
program without increasing our participants' per meeting session costs.

As I said, it seems to me that the incremental cost of a .pdf download
is negligible and I don't understand why simply changing the price (to
something like $5) 6 months after 802 standards are published isn't

I'd like to hear a good explanation of what I'm missing so that I can
understand it and we could see if we could figure out a way to fix this.


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> From: Roger B. Marks []
> Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2006 12:59 AM
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> Subject: [802SEC] "Get IEEE 802" comments
> Karen,
> Every time we discuss the Get IEEE 802 budget, it gets me to thinking 
> about the program itself, and how it might be improved, or even 
> maintained.
> So, I have the following comments:
> *The "Get IEEE 802 Program Agreement" says "Documents subject to the 
> wait period will be listed on the website with a link to a site where 
> the documents may be purchased." However, I don't see such links at 
> the site:
> In fact, I don't ever recall seeing such links, even though I've 
> brought up this issue a few times over the years. There is a pointer 
> to the IEEE Store, but that's not the same thing; the Store is an easy

> place to get lost, and it does not include a list of available
> 802 documents.
> *Are sales of drafts included in the Get IEEE 802 budget? I think IEEE

> could do a better job of promoting them for sale.
> It's nice that the web page has two links to the draft sale page. 
> Unfortunately, both of those links are dead, because they point to 
> ILI. ILI has not been offering 802 drafts since November 1.
> *As usual, we discussed the statistical profiles of the downloaders 
> when we met last week. However, I suspect that this data may be out of

> date. I say this because, when I went to download standards today, I 
> did not receive the survey form. [Neither did I receive a "Terms and 
> Conditions" page to accept.] I found the same results on two different

> browsers.
> Before we next meet to talk about the program budget, can you see if 
> IEEE can review the web site?
> Roger
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