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[802SEC] Needed - Iraq Standards Expert

Dear EC Members,

I am circulating the below request for an Iraqi Standards Expert to build a 
standards infrastructure in Iraq on behalf of Judy Gorman and NIST.



> Dear Jim, June, Frank, Judy, Jim, Art, and Ray,
> NIST is looking for the following expert to respond to an urgent request
> from the White House.  If you know of anyone in your organization or
> elsewhere in government or the private sector who might be interested,
> please let me know ASAP (COB Monday at the latest).  If you can think of
> other organizations whom I should contact, please also let me know.  ANSI
> is circulating the announcement today; we are circulating it within NIST
> today as well.
> Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or 
> comments!
>                             Iraqi Standards Expert
>      Opportunity -  Standards expert to take on the challenge of a
>      one-year assignment in Baghdad to build a coherent standards
>      infrastructure in Iraq.
>      Position: The incumbent would work with the COSQC (national standards
>      body), the Ministry of Housing and Construction, the Ministry of
>      Civil Defense (fire protection, intelligent signaling) and other
>      standards setting or “consuming” ministries to increase capacity,
>      build a functioning and coherent infrastructure for standards and
>      conformity assessment in Iraq, and promote the development of modern,
>      open, consensus standards.
>       Justification: The current Iraqi system is a disaggregated mix of
>      elements of various standards and standards systems from various
>      countries.  There is no system for developing and using standards by
>      either government agencies or the private sector, or for assessing
>      conformity to standards.  Iraq is looking to develop a uniform
>      standards system and is interested in interacting with U.S. SDOs,
>      NIST and the private sector.
>      Logistics:  The incumbent would be located in Baghdad, in the central
>      Green Zone and work with the U.S. embassy.  He/she would receive 170%
>      of his/her current salary.  The position is envisioned as a 12-month
>      effort.  Provision would be made to return home on a periodic basis
>      to meet with NIST/TS and private sector standards experts and visit
>      family.  The incumbent would be a NIST employee, either current or
>      term hire.
>      Thanks much! - Belinda
>      Belinda L. Collins, Ph.D.
>      Director, Technology Services
>      National Institute of Standards and Technology
>      301-975-4500 (tel)
>      301-975-2183 (fax)

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