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[802SEC] +++Motion for P802.3-2005/Cor1 Conditional Approval


Per agreement at the closing EC meeting in March, the following motion
for five-day ballot has been moved and seconded.  

Grant conditional approval for submittal of P802.3-2005/Cor1 to RevCom
per Clause 20 of the LMSC P&P.  

Moved:  Bob Grow
Seconded:  Roger Marks


If the one negative balloter converts their vote to Approve with
comment, no recirculation ballot need be conducted as no substantive
changes have been made to the draft.  If the negative balloter desires
their comment and rebuttal to be reviewed by the ballot group a
recirculation will be conducted on that one comment.  I will report per
the conditions in Clause 20 in either case.

Ballot Open Date: 03/10/2006 
Ballot Close Date: 04/10/2006 

Response Rate 
This ballot has met the 75% returned ballot requirement.  
103 eligible people in this ballot group.  
79 affirmative votes 
1 negative votes with comments 
0 negative votes without comments 
2 abstention votes 
82 votes received =   80 % returned 
2 % abstention 
Approval Rate 
The 75% affirmation requirement is being met.  
79 affirmative votes 
1 negative votes with comments 
80 votes = 99% affirmative

5 comments received
One omega symbol in the draft is displayed as an alpha character because
of incorrect font.  The identical text occurs three times in the draft,
twice with the omega symbol (for ohms) and once with an alpha character.

The editor will add spaces to change a few unit occurrences from "Vdc"
to "V dc" per IEEE style
Some front matter (not part of the approved draft/standard) changes
recommended by the WG Chair were forwarded to the publication editor for
consideration during publication preparation.
At present, there remains one negative comment that was rejected by the
ballot resolution group with rebuttal
The D2.0 comment file with responses is posted at:

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