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[802SEC] Request for a re-hearing

A request for a re-hearing of the appeal by Mollenauer, et al, has been
received.  That request is attached to this email.  

According to the LMSC P&P, the next steps for the EC are the following:

1) acknowledge and admit the re-hearing request
    - This has been done via email by the recording secretary

2) inform the appeal panel and executive committee of this action
    - This email accomplishes this step

3) schedule a time for a full EC meeting to consider the output of the
appeal panel and to either confirm or deny their findings.  
    - Paul will announce a schedule for this

4) if the EC confirms the findings of the appeal panel, the findings
stand as they are written.  If the findings of the appeal panel are not
confirmed by the EC, the appeal is to be re-heard.

Any discussion of the procedure for this matter should be done on the
open EC reflector.  Discussion of the matter of the appeal or the
findings of the appeal panel should be held until the time allotted by
Paul at the next 802 plenary session.


Bob O'Hara
Cisco Systems - WNBU

Phone:  +1 408 853 5513
Mobile: +1 408 218 4025

This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.

Request to 802EC for Appeal Re-hearing JUpton.doc