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[802SEC] ***SEC Five Day Review*** RR-TAG Comments on FCC WT Docket 06-49, Rule Changes for the Lower 900 MHz Frequency Band

Dear SEC Members,
Attached are comments that the RR-TAG proposes to file with the FCC. The
subject of WT 06-49 is "Amendment of the Commission's Part 90 Rules in
the 904-909.75 and 919.75-928 MHz Bands". This band is shared between a
variety of unlicensed and licensed services. The proposal would remove
the restriction on M-LMS operators that currently prevent them from
providing voice services and PSTN connectivity. The RR-TAG, in
consultation with 802.15, is of the view that the changes will adversely
impact unlicensed technologies that coexist under the current rules with
the M-LMS service. The rules as they exist today are those that were
taken into consideration by the M-LMS operators when they bid for their
licenses in the 1990s. Similarly manufacturers have, based on those same
rules, invested in developing unlicensed products for that frequency
band that are widely used today by consumers. The FCC created a "safe
harbor" in this band for unlicensed devices which should be maintained.

The RR-TAG developed these comments during its May interim in
Jacksonville. A quorum was present and these comments were approved by a
vote of 9 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstain.
The comment period for 06-49 closes 30 May. I propose that the EC review
begins today (24 May) and closes at midnight CDT 29 May.
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