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Re: [802SEC] P802.3av PAR for July consideration


Regarding your Point 1, you might consider amending your proposed 
text in Item 7.4. That's because the "IEEE-SA STANDARDS BOARD WORKING 
has a slightly different definition of the interpretation of an 
unspecified year:

"Note: If the year is left blank, the document authorized by this PAR 
shall be considered to be a modification of the approved base 
standard and all of its approved amendments and corrigenda that 
exists at the initiation of the ballot invitations."

You might considered using this text (or a grammatically correct 
version of it).


At 01:22 PM -0700 06/06/12, Grow, Bob wrote:
>Please find following the URLs for the PAR documents for P802.3av, 
>an amendment to IEEE Std 802.3 for: Physical Layer Specifications and
>Management Parameters for 10Gb/s Passive Optical Networks. 
>In accordance with the LMSC procedure for PARS requirement to 
>provide the status of the PAR, the PAR (with the below exceptions) 
>and Five Criteria documents are as approved by the 10 Gb/s EPON 
>Study Group.  These two documents have not yet been approved by IEEE 
>802.3 (as they are the output of a May interim SG meeting). 
>We have also encountered two problems with the now mandatory on-line 
>PAR form, that may have corollaries for other WGs attempting to 
>complete PAR forms for July:
>1.  The current form does not allow you to leave the year on a 
>standard blank.  The NesCom convention prior to the current on-line 
>PAR form was that leaving the year blank indicated that the 
>amendment would apply to the then current standard.  In this case, 
>we do expect to have to revise the base standard before the target 
>completion date of this amendment.  This was discussed at last 
>week's NesCom meeting, and they will be developing new NesCom 
>convention language to continue to provide an option to having to 
>submit a modified PAR to only change the year of the base standard. 
>Based on those NesCom discussions, I will recommend to 802.3 (and 
>any other WGs facing the same issue) that pending the approval of 
>the new convention language, that text be added to Item 7.4 
>indicating that "The project will amend the then current revision of 
>IEEE Std 802.3 at the time the amendment enters Sponsor ballot".
>2.  The text approved in May by the 10 Gb/s EPON Study Group also 
>differs slightly from that presented in Item 5.5.  The approved 
>version of this PAR item included a bulleted list.  Unknown at the 
>time of our SG meeting, even though one can type in this kind of 
>formatting, it is removed when the PAR page is saved.  Consequently, 
>slight grammar changes may be adopted to improve the flow of this 
>text recognizing this form limitation.
>Bob Grow
>Chair, IEEE 802.3

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