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Re: [802SEC] P802.3av PAR for July consideration

Bob -

Those aren't the only bugs...I have discovered that for amendments, the 
system automatically generates the standard's number by tacking the 
additional letters that you specify onto the number of the base standard. 
Hence, the system has numbered my P802.1at draft PAR as P802.1Qat, and the 
only fix will be to include text in the PAR stating what the number should 
really be.

The other bug I have found is that there is no way to retrieve a draft PAR 
and change it from an amendment to a base standard, or vice versa; you have 
to start again at the beginning and re-enter all the text.


At 21:22 12/06/2006, Grow, Bob wrote:
>Please find following the URLs for the PAR documents for P802.3av, an 
>amendment to IEEE Std 802.3 for: Physical Layer Specifications and
>Management Parameters for 10Gb/s Passive Optical Networks.
>In accordance with the LMSC procedure for PARS requirement to provide the 
>status of the PAR, the PAR (with the below exceptions) and Five Criteria 
>documents are as approved by the 10 Gb/s EPON Study Group.  These two 
>documents have not yet been approved by IEEE 802.3 (as they are the output 
>of a May interim SG meeting).
>We have also encountered two problems with the now mandatory on-line PAR 
>form, that may have corollaries for other WGs attempting to complete PAR 
>forms for July:
>1.  The current form does not allow you to leave the year on a standard 
>blank.  The NesCom convention prior to the current on-line PAR form was 
>that leaving the year blank indicated that the amendment would apply to 
>the then current standard.  In this case, we do expect to have to revise 
>the base standard before the target completion date of this 
>amendment.  This was discussed at last week's NesCom meeting, and they 
>will be developing new NesCom convention language to continue to provide 
>an option to having to submit a modified PAR to only change the year of 
>the base standard.  Based on those NesCom discussions, I will recommend to 
>802.3 (and any other WGs facing the same issue) that pending the approval 
>of the new convention language, that text be added to Item 7.4 indicating 
>that "The project will amend the then current revision of IEEE Std 802.3 
>at the time the amendment enters Sponsor ballot".
>2.  The text approved in May by the 10 Gb/s EPON Study Group also differs 
>slightly from that presented in Item 5.5.  The approved version of this 
>PAR item included a bulleted list.  Unknown at the time of our SG meeting, 
>even though one can type in this kind of formatting, it is removed when 
>the PAR page is saved.  Consequently, slight grammar changes may be 
>adopted to improve the flow of this text recognizing this form limitation.
>Bob Grow
>Chair, IEEE 802.3
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This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.