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[802SEC] WG/TAG Presentations and Opening Plenary meeting agenda

Dear EC members,

Please send your WG/TAG presentations to Bob O'Hara and myself no later than 7 July so that Bob can post them to the web site.

I will conduct the opening plenary meeting similarly to the way it was done in March:

1) The ususual boilerplate stuff--Financial Report, Patent Policy, 
Membership Policy, general announcements (election notice, tutorials, new 
PARs, etc.) 15 minutes (Nikolich, Sherman, Thaler, Rigsbee, Hawkins, O'Hara)

2) Q&A from the audience with EC members (Nikolich moderates)--15 minutes

3) SA staff or SA legal presentation 15 minutes: not confirmed yet-perhaps a presentation on Patent Policy?

4) Q&A on Michael's presentation 10 minutes (Nikolich moderates).

5) Closing remarks, notices: 5 minutes. (Nikolich)



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