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[802SEC] 802.22.2 PAR, as resubmitted on the new PAR form

Dear EC members,

Previously I submitted to the EC via this reflector a PAR and 5C for
P802.22.2 (a Recommended Practice related strictly to 802.22 systems) that
was approved by the WG, with quorum, at our May interim in Jacksonville.

Subsequently, Jodi Haasz and Bob Grow pointed out to me that, despite the
fact that we followed the link from the SA website to the "2006 PAR Form"
and a member of NesCom who also happens to be a member of 802.22 was
involved in the preparation of the PAR with the group, the PAR form has
changed and the link on the IEEE-SA website did not point to the correct,
acceptable PAR form.

Consequently, I have transposed the information from the old (but still
called "2006 PAR Form") to the "new, improved" PAR form and resubmitted.
This resulted in absolutely NO substantive changes to what the WG approved
in May - I simply cut and pasted the information into the corresponding
fields in the new form from the old one - but I intend to have a
re-affirmation vote on the "new form version" at our WG opening plenary in

Here is a link to the new form version of the PAR (and the old form version
so you can, if you wish, verify that there are no substantive changes), as
well as a link to the 5C document  (the old form PAR and 5C were circulated
to the reflector, but it was suggested that instead I simply provide links).

New form PAR:

Old form PAR:

5C document:
for_802.22.2_PAR.doc> 2006_May/22-06-0078-00-0000-5C-for_802.22.2_PAR.doc

If anyone has any trouble with the links, please let me know ASAP ..


Carl R. Stevenson
President and Chief Technology Officer 

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Where wireless is a passion, as well as a profession SM 


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