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[802SEC] Modified PAR for July consideration


Though I think this one qualifies under the 48 hour rule, here is a head's up on another 802.3 PAR for consideration during the July plenary meeting.  

The work originally envisioned for 802.3 Congestion Management has been split into an 802.3 component and an 802.1 component.  At the present, there is no indication that there are specific IEEE Std 802.3 changes required to support the portion of work ongoing in 802.1.  The possibility of this modified PAR is recognized in the original P802.3ar PAR. 

This PAR agrees with the current scope of work included in the draft, (this modified PAR narrows the scope from the approved PAR), and retitles the amendment appropriately.

The draft modified PAR was reviewed by the P802.3ar TF, and changes were approved to some of the items.  This modified PAR has not been approved by IEEE 802.3 but will be on the July meeting agenda.  The PAR will soon be posted to:

Bob Grow
Chair, IEEE 802.3

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