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[802SEC] IEEE 802 July 2006 PS - Voter Lists Update


To All IEEE 802 Working Group Chairs,


Please find below the information on how to update your 802 Working Group
Voters List.  

(Please forward on this email message onto your WG rep if they are assisting
you with this project)


For the July 2006 Plenary Session, please go online and update the voting
status directly for your Working Group.  Once completed, please send us an
email confirming all is order with your Working Group, as we will be
printing all Plenary name badges with voting information on Friday, July 7.


Here are the steps to access these tools:


1. Go to the IEEE 802 Information System at:



2. Log into the system using the userid/password you use for registering for
IEEE 802 sessions.


3. Click on "WORKING GROUPS" on the left navigation bar, and select your
Working Group from the page to access your Working Group.


4. Select "MANAGE" from the left navigation bar, then select "MANAGE VOTERS"
from the left navigation bar.


5. You are presented with the "VIEW" function by default. You can delete
voters from your Working Group using this function by clicking the box next
to their name, and selecting "Remove IEEE 802.X Voter" from the top of the
page. You can add voters to your Working Group by selecting the "ADD VOTERS"
function or the "ADD VOTERS (ALL)" function from the left navigation bar.
The "ADD VOTERS" function presents you with a list of previous attendees.
Since this is a large list, it is broken down by alphabetically by last
name. Select the new voter(s) by checking the box next to their name, and
click "Add IEEE 802.X Voters" at   the top of the page. The "ALL" function
does the same thing, but it displays the entire database of attendees at
once. Note: Downloading this takes several seconds over broadband.


Note: We have done our best at eliminating duplicate account records, i.e.
cases where an attendee has created more than one account. If you encounter
a case where an attendee has created and registered under a new profile,
please let us know so we can correct the error.


If you have any questions regarding this process or if there is someone else
in your Working Group who needs access to this system please feel free to
contact us. 


Thank you, Dawn


Cc: Darcel and Lisa, FTF Events.



Dawn Slykhouse


Face To Face Events, Inc.

2699 Iversen Court

Santa Clara, CA. 95051

Tel: 408/241-8906  Fax: 408/241-8918

Email:  <>

Web:  <>



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