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[802SEC] Documents for consideration at the Friday closing EC meeting

Dear EC members,

Attached are three documents for consideration at the Friday closing EC
meeting. All three are in response to liaisons from ITU-R WP8A.

The documents are:

18-06-0035-03-0000_IEEE_ITU_Annotated _document(M.1450_r1).doc - This is
document provides WP8A with an updated version of the proposal to revise
ITU-R Recommendation M.1450-2. The original proposal was approved at the
March 2006 Plenary. The format showing changes to the current version of
M.1450 is required by the ITU-R. Data provided has been verified at this
meeting with 802.11.


18-06-0038-00-0000_ITU-R_Clarification_Response_fnl.doc - This document
responds to questions for clarification that WP8A asked in a liaison
received in April. Doc. 0035 will be attached to this response document.

 <<18-06-0038-02-0000-ITU-R_M 1450_Clarification_Response_fnl.doc>> 

18-06-0050-00-0000_ITU-R_BWA_Response.doc - This document is the 802.16
response to ITU-R WP8A to a liaison dealing with BWA. It includes data
on both 802.16 and 802.11. Both of those WGs will review this document
prior to the EC's Friday meeting.



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18-06-0038-02-0000-ITU-R_M 1450_Clarification_Response_fnl.doc