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Re: [802SEC] Draft 802.16 Corrigendum PAR for Friday's EC Meeting


I can not get your link to work


At 11:59 AM 7/19/2006 -0700, Roger B. Marks wrote:
>Dear EC Colleagues,
>I am writing to place a draft corrigendum PAR on the EC agenda for
>Friday's meeting. This request is in accordance with the procedure
>that "PARs for ordinary items (e.g., Maintenance PARs) ...  may be
>placed on the Executive Committee agenda if delivered to Executive
>Committee members 48 hours in advance.
>The draft PAR was accepted this morning by 802.16's Maintenance Task
>Group, per the note below. The Task Group was acting per the motion
>passed at the 802.16 WGs opening plenary this week: "To empower the
>Maintenance Task Group to take necessary and reasonable action to
>initiate a new Corrigendum project, including completing and
>forwarding a PAR form to the 802 EC if necessary, no later than
>Wednesday, July 19 at noon, subject to WG review at the Closing
>Plenary of the decision to forward the PAR to the EC."
>The document is at < 
>Maint_db/80216maint-06_021r1.doc>. [The r1 version has change marks
>correcting duplicated text in the proposed project title].
>Begin forwarded message:
>>From: "Jonathan Labs" <>
>>Date: July 19, 2006 11:09:46 AM PDT
>>To: "'Roger B. Marks'" <>
>>Subject: PAR Draft for Corrigendum 2 for submission to 802 EC
>>Roger and 802.16 members,
>>A number of comments were received regarding the draft PAR for the
>>Corrigendum 2 Project.  The comments were discussed and resolved
>>during the Maintenance Task Group session this morning.  The
>>necessary changes were made to the PAR draft and the updated
>>version has been posted at:
>> 80216maint-06_021.doc
>>The following motion was also forwarded and approved by the Task
>>July 19, 2006, 10:55
>>Motion: To forward the par document to 802.16 WG Chair for
>>submission to the 802.16 WG and to 802 EC.  (Forwarded by Remi
>>Chayer, Seconded by Itzik Kitroser)
>>For: 28
>>Opposed: 0
>>Abstain: 0
>>Motion passes.
>>I am therefore carrying out this motion by sending this email to
>>the 802.16 WG Chair and 802.16 WG.
>>Jon Labs
>>Maintenance TG Chair
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