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[802SEC] II items not covered

Information on my two items for which there was insufficient time:

P802.3ar status update

This was to inform the EC of why the P802.3ar modified PAR was listed on
Monday as an expected action and why it wasn't on the Friday agenda:

- The WG failed to approve modifications to project objectives (Y: 26,
N: 10, A: 27)

-  The WG failed to approve the Broad Market Potential criterion 
(Y: 19, N: 11, A: 27).

- A flawed motion to withdraw the project was postponed (Y: 38, N: 5, A:

802.3 interim meetings

As evidence of IEEE 802.3's willingness to hold NNA meetings but with an
eye to economic pressures and preferences, I present the following two
polls where anyone in the room could vote:

The IEEE 802.3 Working Group accept the 802 hosting offer for hosting
for January 2007 Interim in London. 
	Y: 0, N: 51, A: 13
Number of 802.3 members who would attend a May 2007 Interim hosted by
ITU in Geneva. No meeting fee, hotel rooms $120 - $150.
	Y: 52, N: 1

--Bob Grow

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