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[802SEC] Clause 20 Report regarding P802.16k to Sponsor Ballot

To: 802 EC
cc: 802.16 reflector

Dear EC Colleagues:

I am writing to report on the status of P802.16k, per the Clause 20  
Conditional Approval granted on 21 July.

The Working Group Letter Ballot Recirculation #22a, including the  
review of P802.16k/D2, ran from 31 July - 15 August. The final report  
is here:

The conditions have been met. No new Disapprove votes were received  
during recirculation. One comment was received; it was a new  
Disapprove comment from a previous Disapprove voter requesting an  
editorial clarification in the document's Abstract to ensure that  
readers are aware that the document being amended (802.1D) was  
previously amended by 802.17a. We agreed to the change and prepared  
draft P802.16k/D2a, in which we also incorporated additional  
frontmatter. No technical changes were made. The commenter accepted  
the change and flipped to Approve.

Accordingly, I have submitted P802.16k/D2a for Sponsor Ballot.



Roger B. Marks <>
Chair, IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access <http://>

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