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Re: [802SEC] EC Email Ballot: 802.17b Revised PAR to NesCom


Your message somewhat confuses me.  The submittal deadline for the
December meeting is Oct 16, you could do business in November for the
next available NesCom continuous processing cycle.  Also, a modified PAR
of this sort can be on the NesCom agenda at the same time the project is
on the RevCom agenda.  If you hope to catch RevCom Jan continuous
processing, then getting the modified PAR approved in advance is

It appears to me that you are running this modified PAR for four reasons

1.  To replace a hyphen with "Part 17:" as in the current title of IEEE
Std 802.17-2004.
2.  To insert "(RPR)" in the title.
3.  To make capitalization changes in the base document part of the
title consistent with IEEE Std 802.17-2004.
4.  To make capitalization changes in the amendment title.

I do not believe a modified PAR is required for any of this even though
you may receive RevCom comments about title differences.  An amendment
is not allowed to change the title of the base document and therefore
items 1 through 3 should be done by the publication editor independent
of what is on the draft or PAR.  

I believe this uses the current on-line modified PAR form.  (The current
on-line amendment PAR form does not allow modification of the base
document title.  It only allows one to fill in what follows

In my experience all changes also fall within the latitude granted in
RevCom conventions for approval.  Yes some might comment, but the
response is the RevCom convention 4a:

"Editorial changes to the title on the submitted draft and submittal
form may be allowed as long as there is no change in the scope or
purpose of the project as noted on the approved PAR."

On change 4, the only change is capitalization which is a
non-substantive change that the publication editor can choose to make
with or without ballot group approval or RevCom review.  You could
include a recommendation on capitalization change to the publication
editor as part of the submittal package.

That said, you haven't stated your objective stated in a response to
another EC member to make the base document portion of the title
consistent with IEEE Std 802.17-2004.

1.  "Technology" needs to change to "technology".
2.  The "&" needs to change to "and"
3.  Find a way to allow the modified PAR form to include mashes as the
hyphen on the draft should be changed to an edams at publication. ;-)

Nonetheless, I vote approve in the event you believe it is still
necessary to do this modified PAR.

--Bob Grow

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From: ***** IEEE 802 Executive Committee List *****
[] On Behalf Of Mike Takefman (tak)
Sent: Monday, September 11, 2006 6:00 PM
Subject: [802SEC] EC Email Ballot: 802.17b Revised PAR to NesCom

Dear EC Members, 

The following 10-day ballot was authorized by Paul Nikolich and
I have been asked to manage it.

Background: During Sponsor Ballot (D2.0) a comment was received
that highlighted a title error in P802.17b as well as its 
associate PAR form. The Comment Resolution Group voted unanimously
(5:0:0) to make a change to title of the standard and to
change the PAR form and then run an 802.17 confirmation email ballot
and an EC email ballot. You will find attached the new PAR form and you
will note the change to the title of the standard is the only change.
The reason for requesting this change outside of a plenary is that
by doing so now, we will just make NesCom's continuous processing
window for this cycle and will allow us to forward 802.17b to 
RevCom during the November plenary. 

I ran an 802.17 email ballot and all voting members replied
in the affirmative (10:0:0) and John Hawkins agreed to second
the following motion. 

Move that the 802 EC forwards the revised PAR for P802.17b to NesCom for
continuous processing in time for the September 23rd cutoff.

Moved: Takefman
Seconded: Hawkins

Ballot starts September 11, 2006 (9pm Eastern)
Ballot ends September 21, 2006 (11:59pm AOE)

thank you, 



Michael Takefman    
Distinguished Engineer,       Cisco Systems
Chair IEEE 802.17 Stds WG
3000 Innovation Dr, Ottawa, Canada, K2K 3E8
voice: 613-254-3399       cell:613-220-6991

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