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Re: [802SEC] Draft 802.15.4d PAR for 802 EC consideration in November

At 23:55 09/10/2006, Bob Heile wrote:
>>6.1.c -- Information is insufficient.  If the addresses are reserved MAC
>>or multicast addresses, then more information is needed.  If though this
>>is only an indication that an implementer will need a MAC address, then
>>it shouldn't be filled in as this is the trigger for RAC coordination
>>during Sponsor ballot.
>It was not clear what was intended. Thanks for clarifying.  I will revise 
>the answer to no.

Just to clarify from the RAC's perspective - the intent of this question on 
the PAR form is to identify new registration requirements (for example, 
where a new registry is required for the proposed standard, or where a new 
use of an existing registry is required to support the proposed standard), 
so that the RAC can coordinate with the WG at an early stage and fix any 
potential problems ahead of time.


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