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Re: [802SEC] 802 Banking account proposal


Bill's set of excellent questions triggered a question for me regarding his 
question #2, see below.

At 10:58 AM 10/27/2006 , Bill Quackenbush wrote:
>The additional questions that I would be asking the IEEE include the 
>         1) What if any are the restrictions on the life of a 
> concentration banking account and will there be any change in the account 
> number or other identification of the account during the life of the account?
>         2) Can a hotel or other organization with which 802 needs to 
> establish an account/credit get confirmation of the 802 account and other 
> appropriate 802 account specific information as can be obtained from an 
> independent bank account?

I am curious as to the credibility (from a hotel or other vendor's point of 
view) of somebody at the IEEE vs. talking to a bank when seeking to 
establish our credit worthiness. It seems to me this might be an issue. I 
assume that if our banking is concentrated that our vendors can not call 
the bank directly for information on a sub-account. If we expect that this 
sub-account information is to be available directly from the bank then we 
need to definitively establish that this will be the case.


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