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[802SEC] Link to 5C for current wireless projects



            Paul asked me, during the EC meeting, which project have
identified in their 5C that they intend to produce a CA document.
Therefore, I went to the IEEE SA web site that lists all the current
wireless 802 PARs.  Then I realized I need to look at the 5C and not at
the PAR.  I do not have easy access to all the 5C for all the current
wireless projects.


            Can each of the wireless working group chairs with current
project operating in unlicensed band, send me a link to the 5Cs for your
outstanding projects?  I will then review each of the 5C and I will
compile a list of which project identified that they will produce a CA
document.  I will send a list of the project that have identified they
will produce a CA document to Paul and the EC.


            Thank you for your help.




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