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[802SEC] Fw: Proposed January 2008 Meeting in Sydney, Australia

Dear EC members,

I'm forwarding the below email upon the request of John Barr.



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Sent: Wednesday, November 22, 2006 11:47 AM
Subject: Proposed January 2008 Meeting in Sydney, Australia

SEC Members,

Based on an email sent by Steve Shellhammer to the 802.19 TAG, I would like
to comment on the advisability of holding another 802 interim meeting in
Australia. The 802.11/15/19/20/21/22 wireless working groups have held three
meetings in Australia over the last four years: Sydney-May 2002, Cairns-May
2005, and Melbourne-September 2006.

The Sydney meeting was sponsored by Motorola and was reasonably successful.
The Cairns and Melbourne meetings were sponsored by the 802.11/15 joint
treasury and were poorly attended, were budgeted with a deficit to reduce
participant costs (Cairns deficit was $65,099 and Melbourne deficit will be
close to $42K ($24,721 current Tour Host estimate plus $17,247
shipping/handling costs). A large number of 802.11 and 802.15 members
objected to holding meetings in Australia due to the associated time and
travel costs. This resulted in significantly fewer people attending the
interim meetings in Cairns (523 compared to 714 in Berlin in 2004 and 802
(Monterey) and 759 (Garden Grove) for the other 2005 interim meetings) and
Melbourne (350 (no 802.20 (100)) compared to 740 (Hawaii) and 564
(Jacksonville) 2006 interim meetings). There is also a question as to
whether 802.15 had a legal quorum in Melbourne, and if you review the
minutes of several of the 802.15 task groups that met in Melbourne you will
find that they cancelled meeting times after realizing that there wasnąt
sufficient contributors present to continue their meetings.

Australia is in the same time zone as other Asian countries, but is 8-12
hours by air from the major population centers in Asia. Also the number of
IEEE 802 participants from Australia is extremely low and does not warrant a
consideration for reducing the travel expenses for IEEE 802 participants.

I did not attend the Dallas meeting, but have heard that there was
significant opposition in 802.11 to holding yet another meeting in

There are other locations in Asia or Europe that should be considered
instead of going back to Australia. Taipei, Seoul, Beijing, and Singapore
are locations where significantly more IEEE 802 members come from and more
industry depends on IEEE 802 standards. Beijing would be a politically
correct location to investigate as long as arrangements are made at least
one year in advance. Taipei is a good alternative to Beijing and M-Taipei is
the largest municipal WiFi installation in the world. Some costs are more in
these locations, but the travel costs for IEEE 802 participants are
significantly lower and the locations are more acceptable to employers of
IEEE 802 participants.

I strongly support holding more IEEE 802 meetings at international
locations. Europe is a good choice when held in a location that is not the
most expensive travel location (e.g., London). There are a large number of
European participants in IEEE 802 which warrants at least one meeting a year
in Europe. IEEE 802.11/15 has not held a meeting in Korea, Taipei, Beijing
or Japan in the last 10 years. These are the places where IEEE 802 should be
meeting to get better participation from Asian countries.

Respectively, John Barr
John R. Barr (
Director, Standards Realization - <>
Chairman of the Board, Bluetooth SIG - <>
General Chair, CCNC 2007 - <>
Past President, OSGi Alliance - <>
Treasurer, IEEE 802.15 Working Group - <>
(847) 576-8706 (office) (847) 576-6758 (FAX)

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This email is sent from the 802 Executive Committee email reflector.  This list is maintained by Listserv.