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[802SEC] ***IMT Requirements meeting during London Joint Interim***

Dear EC,

As you will recall at the closing EC plenary in November our chair
tasked me to set up a meeting during the London Joint Interim. The topic
of that meeting will be to examine if there is a desire for an IEEE 802
wide input to ITU-R WP8F on IMT Advanced requirements. Some of you,
either during that discussion or off line, have expressed an interest in
at least considering doing that.

802.18 will have a meeting on this topic the evening of Tuesday, 16
January. Please plan on joining the RR-TAG at that time. The purpose of
this meeting is simply to explore if there is a desire to provide input
to ITU-R WP8F. I see the meeting covering:

1) Does IEEE 802 want to submit an input on IMT requirements to ITU-R

2) If the answer to 1) is yes then what we will we submit? E.g. a
harmonized view or simply a list of requirements? Or something else?

3) How should the work be done? Should it be done in the various WGs and
then presented in 802.18 for harmonization/consolidation?

Prior to this meeting I ask that you discuss this topic with your
respective WGs/TAG. Since this meeting will simply establish if IEEE 802
will do this may I suggest that those joining 802.18 Tuesday evening be
the WG/TAG chairs and vice chairs and the TG chairs and vice chairs?
This is not meant to be an exclusive process but first we need to decide
what it is that we want to do and the format for that work.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in Londonium.



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