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[802SEC] Draft Schedule for London Interim Meeting

Attached is the draft meeting schedule for London.  Please note this has not
been approved by the hotel and is still a draft.  The registration numbers
from each working group is significantly lower than the meeting specs sent
to us.  For this reason we have (in some cases) assigned smaller rooms than
requested.  Meeting space at this hotel is limited and there are meeting
rooms currently planned for set up in theatre style.  I am including in this
email the registered numbers for your working group.  Please look at you
meeting specs and let me know where we can make further adjustments to the
numbers in the meeting rooms - you would have a better estimate than I do.
Of course the goal is to have all the meeting space set in classroom style
as requested.

If you have changes please do not just send me your new schedule, but
itemize what meeting (preferable what line on the overview tab) requires the
changes.  The overview tab is by default the more accurate than the graphs
on the individual daily pages.  I know this is more time consuming for you
but hopefully it will help eliminate errors I have made in the past, whilst
giving me an opportunity to have a few days off over Christmas in lieu of
fine-tuning the schedule!

There are slight changes to the format of the schedule this time around -
start and end times of the meetings are separated and we are using a 24hour
clock.  This simplifies sorting from my end.  Let me know what you think.

Merry Christmas and a safe and peaceful holiday to you all.

Regards, Darcel


Darcel Moro

IEEE 802 Meeting Manager

Face To Face Events, Inc.



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